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What if you could amplify the growth of your career?

The Talent Dynamics Profile Assessment and “Unlock Your Genius” session can:

Unlock talent

Increase team member value

Leverage success


When you take the Talent Dynamics Profile Assessment , you’ll gain valuable insights into your career and leadership style.


You Will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your core talents, strengths and weaknesses
  • Understand your thinking and action dynamics to accelerate your leadership
  • Identify challenges, distractions and opportunities to operate more fully from your Genius
  • Uncover the blocks to your natural Genius that are keeping you stuck
  • Learn how to operate from a place of flow more consistently

When you complete your Talent Dynamics Profile Assessment test, you’ll immediately receive your full Talent Dynamics Profile Report.

PLUS you’ll be able to schedule your 30-minute, Unlock Your Genius Session with Michele via phone or zoom.

This is ideal for you if you are thinking about career choices, advancement, and transition to self-employment, study or other change.

Here's the truth... You can! 

Does This Sound Familiar?


Your progress feels flat, and you're not sure what your next step is.  You're uncertain how to leverage your skills and advocate for what you deserve.


You have a feeling there’s more to your life. But you can’t quite name what "more" is. You’re worried you missed it, or won’t recognize it when it arrives.


You’re not confident in your ability to maintain your success. And you’re worried you’ll lose that success, or that it will slow down.


You’re tired of feeling like your life isn’t contributing to a greater good. But you have no direction on how you could start building a legacy.


You’re worried you’re in your own way. But you don’t know what that really means, or how to even begin to address and change it.


You’re spinning your wheels with no direction. You wake up wishing you had something that better used your skills and talents.


What is covered in your Talent Dynamics Profile Results?

1. Your Talent Dynamics Profile

This shows you the most natural activities you should focus on to stay in flow.

2. Role Models Who Share Your Profile

Which famous role models you should study and learn from.

3. Your Strengths & Weaknesses

What gets you into your flow. What are distractions and what are opportunities.

4. How to Create Value Using Your Profile

How to channel your strengths in a way that the world responds favorably to.

5. Talent Frequency Breakdown

So you can see your balance of energy and understand why you do what you do.

6. The Value You Need to Own

How to take even small amounts of value and get it into the hands of many. Roles to increase or reduce to build greater trust and flow.


If you are the leader of a team we can also give you a team profile based upon the individual profiles within the team.  This can help you assess where the holes are and identify the types of profiles you need for a particular role based on the people who are most successful at that role.


Talent Dynamics is all about using and concentrating on individual and team strengths, passion and natural talent.  A team in flow is more productive.  We have many activities and workshops to help a company achieve their goals.

I want you to take a moment and imagine...

  • Everyday you make moves that you know are pushing you toward your potential. You’re focused and intentional with your choices.

  • Your skills are being used in a way that’s personally fulfilling, and your career is creating a legacy you’re proud of.

  • You clearly see the plan for your career. You can name it, and have steps laid out to accomplish it. You can distinguish distractions from opportunities.

  • You’re confident in your ability to maintain your success. You no longer harbor doubt or worry. You know you aren’t an imposter, because you’re finally owning who you are.

Let me be your guide to greater success!

I'm Michele Molitor, Your Executive Confidence Coach & Rapid Rewire Expert.


As a Certified Professional Coach and Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner, I’ve spent the last 20 years of my career learning how to help you overcome your obstacles at a deep subconscious level. To help you eliminate – once and for all – the fears, the worry, the anxiety that has kept you from achieving ALL that you’re capable of and desire. Through years of study and practice with thousands of people from around the globe, chances are, I’ve worked with someone who has had similar challenges to the ones you’re experiencing.


I'll be your guide to walk you through your Talent Dynamics Assessment Results and help you see how you can utilize your natural skills, talents and abilities more fully. Enabling you to operate more and more from that sweet spot of life that you've been longing for.

Who is this for?

  • Busy professionals who are tired of feeling like life is incomplete and want to know what comes “next”.

  • Entrepreneurs who feel stuck or frozen in life and need a clear system to unlock their potential.

  • Anyone who’s tired of spinning their wheels with little to show for it, and wants to confidently be able to say they’re contributing good to the world.

  • ​Anyone who is ready to trade self-doubt and fear for confidence and purposeful meaning.

“Utilizing the Talent Dynamics Assessment, our entire team learned a lot of useful information about ourselves, each other and how to work together more effectively from our inherent talents. This is the beginning of a powerful and positive culture shift for our organization!”

Sharron Drake

Program Manager | Merriwether & Williams Insurance Services

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