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Times are stressful.

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"Conquering Fear & Anxiety In Uncertain Times"

You can catch the replay and grab the Conquering Fear Toolkit that I have created to provide you with some extra support to help lower your stress and ease your mind,

I'd like to give you two things:

  • My guided Transformation recording "I Am Living Free From Anxiety"
  • My latest ebook "Attracting the Energy of Abundance"

Both will give you new insights into how to take back the power of your mind for greater peace and calm.

Rewire Your Relationship With Fear & Anxiety

Here are my gifts of support to help you find your way through this challenging time:

You'll be able to download my guided Transformation MP3 recording "I Am Living Free From Anxiety" to help ease your mind and calm your spirit as you listen to it daily.

My ebook "Attracting The Energy Of Abundance" gives you 6 Keys To Abundance on how to rewire your thinking about the energy of abundance and money. You'll learn how you can attract more of it into your life to enhance your success and earning potential while also helping you increase your confidence and peace of mind along the way.

Lastly, you can catch the replay of the "Conquering Fear & Anxiety In Uncertain Times" Masterclass. It's filled with tips and fresh perspectives for refocusing your thoughts so you can move forward in a good way.

Knowledge is power and with this power you can begin to move beyond those blocks, fears and worries sooner than you think.


In Service & Love,  

Michele Molitor, CPCC, PCC, RTT, C-Hyp

Here's some feedback from those who attended the live Masterclass:


>> “Michele’s strategies gave us very specific ways to navigate through challenging and unusual experiences, such as the COVID-19 crisis. She is a very skilled and articulate speaker, with realistic and applicable guidance that truly can transform lives!”


>> “Michele is well versed in the science of mind but approaches it with her whole heart, warmth and accessibility.”


>> “Concrete guidance to real time questions”


>> “Great to have action items to implement during a crisis”